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Ms. Kuzemka’s experience in the PD’s office gives an advantage many other defense attorneys don’t have. Complete the form below and our office will contact you today or call 702-949-9990.

the firm

Kristine M. Kuzemka, Esq.

I grew up in Las Vegas and after high school, left for college, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Washington and my Law degree from Seattle University. Prior to establishing Kuzemka Law Group, I worked at:

  • Clark County District Attorney’s Office
  • Clark County Public Defender’s Office
  • Nevada Attorney General’s Office

My background includes criminal defense representation and prosecution of civil matters.

In the criminal area, I represent people facing criminal charges and make sure their constitutional rights aren’t taken by the State! My clients are charged with everything from misdemeanor offenses (DUIs, Battery Domestic Violence, Trespass, and Prostitution) to very serious felony offenses (Burglary, Robbery, Kidnapping, Sex Assault, and Murder).

I have taken many cases to trial and obtained favorable results for my clients, including:

  • State of Nevada V. Miller – Not Guilty – Felony Receiving Stolen Property
  • State of Nevada V. Kirby – Case Dismissed – 4 Felonies including Robbery & Burglary
  • State of Nevada V. Navajo – Conviction of 2nd Degree Murder, rather than 1st Degree Murder

I will do everything possible to get the best results for you!