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Ms. Kuzemka’s experience in the PD’s office gives an advantage many other defense attorneys don’t have. Complete the form below and our office will contact you today or call 702-949-9990.

dui driving crimes

DUI is a very serious offense everywhere thanks to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving who have been a motivating force behind lawmakers to increase penalties for this offense.  If you have been charged for DUI in Las Vegas you will see a slew of punitive measures come down against you, least of which immediate license suspension.  Moreover, texting and driving, something brought to light by the Caitlyn Jenner crash resulting in a death and the accusations of that being the cause, is also widely frowned on and can result in charges related to dangerous driving.  Because of automobiles being one of the leading causes of death in the last century charges related to driving can end in severe penalties on the accused.

Driving Crimes:

  • DUI

  • Driving on suspended license,

  • Reckless driving,

  • Texting while driving,

  • Vehicular manslaughter,

  • Driving with no license

All these driving crimes can all end in jail time if a serious legal defense is not mounted quickly on your behalf.  As a former Defense Attorney, I understand how the system works, what the DA’s office will come to you with, and how to negotiate the best possible terms or how to get the case dismissed if the right set of circumstances fall into place.

The Right Defense for Your Case

The goal of any Las Vegas defense attorney is to review the evidence and investigate how that evidence was collected so that we can find areas where a dismissal can occur.  If, however, it is not possible then it becomes my job to chip at the circumstances of the arrest, suppress what can be suppressed, and work diligently on your behalf to have everything so set for trial that the opposing side comes to us for a conversation.  And, worse case scenario, we go to trial, it is my job to mount a passionate legal defense on your behalf.

If you have been charged with automobile crimes including a DUI driving crime, call Kristine Kuzemka today.

Kuzmeka Law will help you get the best possible treatment by the court and get your life back on track.