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Ms. Kuzemka’s experience in the PD’s office gives an advantage many other defense attorneys don’t have. Complete the form below and our office will contact you today or call 702-949-9990.

domestic violence

This is a complicated, human area of the law that is very difficult on all sides to work with.  While at the Public Defender’s office I encountered many of these cases where the circumstances were cloudy but I worked hard to ensure my clients had the best representation and results, from “Not Guilty” verdicts to reductions in the charges.  Much like sex crimes, domestic abuses cases can be started with a phone call and whoever reaches the police first “wins”.  Whether you were the initiator or not, if someone calls the police in regards to domestic abuse you may be arrested and charges will most-likely be filed.

Domestic abuse crimes in Las Vegas include:

  • Spouse Abuse

  • Child Abuse

  • Elder Abuse

  • Restraining Order Volations

Each of these has a level of severity attached to them and their own list of qualifications and punishments.  They are all categorized as violent crimes and therefore require an attorney immediately to start the criminal defense process.

Passionate – Aggressive – Knowledgeable

When it comes to accusations of child abuse or elder abuse you simply cannot wait.  The courts have mandatory processes that can prevent you from seeing your child or relative, even if the accusations are baseless.  The presumption of innocence in these cases is not even a philosophical premise when children are involved.  CPS will take over and even if there is nothing to substantiate the accusation the courts will err on the side of caution and safety to buttress the child (or elderly person) from further abuse.  This can have a devastating effect on your loved ones when there is no abuse involved and for this reason you need someone to fight hard on your behalf to put your family back together.

Domestic violence is a difficult area to defend but it is possible to get through this and have a life afterward.  If you have been accused of domestic abuse, call me today.  I can help.