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Private Mediator and 

Nevada Criminal Defense  Attorney

Kristine Kuzemka, Esq.




Ms. Kuzemka’s experience in the PD’s office gives an advantage many other defense attorneys don’t have. Complete the form below and our office will contact you today or call 702-949-9990.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Former Las Vegas Deputy Attorney General and Public Defender;

As an experienced defense attorney Kristine Kuzemka doesn’t just bring experience from the Las Vegas judicial system to your case, she brings knowledge that could get your criminal case won or dismissed. Don’t be fooled by the hype, just having experience going in front of a judge is not enough to win a criminal case. It is knowing first hand the ins and outs of the law and the Las Vegas criminal justice system. Kuzemka will take on your criminal case and fight to the bitter end and will execute due diligence to get you favorable results.

Free Consultation with a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney;

With large firm results, and our personalized small firm attention, you have a criminal attorney whom is knowledgeable and accessible. Ms. Kuzemka’s experience in the PD’s office gives an advantage that no other defense attorney has, inside information. She has an idea of  how the District Attorney may plead their case, how the court may respond, and how Judges review cases before them, which in turn helps her create a defense tailored to your personal needs. Why take chances with your future on an attorney that is going at your case blind. You want an attorney that knows what is coming at them and can deflect any negative allegations for a positive outcome!

Ms. Kuzemka’s criminal defense team can and will do everything to win your case! She provides personal, effective and high quality defense representation in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ms. Kuzemka and her team care about defending your rights, this is her mission and promise to you!

Kuzemka Law Group Will Defend ALL Criminal Cases;

The state of Nevada, Las Vegas and Clark County takes Drug and DUI driving crimes very seriously, as we are a 24 hour town and can get anything anytime you want, which can go horribly wrong very quickly! Just being a party to the act is considered a crime.

This is what her law group does best! At the PD’s office she defended many drug related and DUI driving crimes, giving Kuzemka a deep domain of experience and knowledge. She knows what they look for and what they will use against you in a courtroom, giving Ms. Kuzemka and her criminal law team the upper hand, to be able to deflect accusations.

She will defend you against a myriad of drug related crimes, property offenses, theft, assault, kidnapping, weapon charges, white collar, internet computer, narcotics, DUI, and DWI, just to name a few. She will defend ALL criminal cases, so if you find yourself in trouble, with a charge you don’t understand…call now.

CALL Kuzemka Law Group NOW 702-949-9990!

We can help you navigate the system and get you the results you need to be able to continue life as usual. Just remember, don’t talk to anyone until you talk to me.